Greta Workers Club

Greta is a small town on the New England Hwy between Maitland & Singleton.  It is notable for its large median strip (the town’s High Street runs adjacent to the New England Highway), an impressive collection of historic buildings which line the main road & Greta Army & Migrant Camp. They were obviously built as the town grew in importance both as a coal mining town and a travellers stopping point on the road to Singleton and the New England area.  Greta Migrant Camp is located 3km from the township of Greta, built for the Australian Army in 1939.  The Army occupied the site until early 1949 when the Australian Agreement with the International Refugee Organisation (IRO) to bring displaced persons from Europe, was put into action.

The Origin of the name Greta came from when the town was surveyed in 1842 it was named Greta.  It is assumed that the name came from a small river in Cumberland England.


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